LZ Ambiental is a provider of customized solutions Environmental consultancy, studies, projects and licensing. Meeting customer requirements with transparency and efficiency, the company aims to supply the best alternatives for a variety of situations, while delivering excellence and the expected result.
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We believe in making the difference for our customers, partners and society. Everything is connected: Infrastructure, environment and operations, which are dependent and independent systems at the same time. Providing creative solutions, innovative in the projects and a thorough, systematic implementation, we not only think about the interests of our clients, but we also work closely with them, turning problems into successful outcomes.
Sustainability. Sustainable planning of an environment in which we can live, move about, produce. From housing, sanitation and electric power to transportation and industrial development, all basic necessities of life are provided to us by our infrastructure. A LZ Ambiental® offers a range of services in the areas of infrastructure, urban planning and development, water and sanitation, oil and gas, energy and telecommunications, and industrial infrastructure, integrating all aspects of planning, undertaking and implementing studies, projects and programs in compliance with validated procedures, leading to efficient and sustainable long term results.

Environmental Studies

• Environmental and Archaeological Assessment
• Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA/RIMA)
• Neighborhood Impact Assessment (EIV/RIV)
• Basic Studies (PCA, PBA, RAP, RCA, RAS)
• Environmental Feasibility Studies
• Environmental Liability Investigation
• Vegetation Cover Reports
• Animal Species Reports
• Geological and Hydrogeological Assessment
• Environmental Permits
• Regeneration of Degraded Areas

Sustainability Management

• Mandatory Audits
• Environmental Performance Audits
• Legal Compliance Audits
• Technical and Environmental Assistance
• Strategic Environmental Assistance
• Sustainable Development Projects
• Environmental Education Projects
• Sustainable Efficiency Projects
• Waste Management Projects
• Environmental Management Systems
• Integrated Management Systems

Project Management and Implementation

• Projetc Coordination and Management
• Environmental Monitoring
• Forestry and Landscaping Projects
• Environmental Restoration Projects
• Transplanting and Compensation Projects
• Water and Effluents Discharge Projects
• Air Emissions Projetcs
• Wildlife Rescue Projetcs
• Infrastructure Projetcs
• Topography and Geotechnics
• Environmental Supervision


LZ Ambiental Completa 7 Anos

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Há 7 anos acreditando na sustentabilidade. Em 30 de julho de 2017, a LZ Ambiental completa 7 anos de existência. Durante este trajeto, muitas conquistas foram obtidas, todas elas através de um trabalho sério, transparente, comprometido e, sobretudo, ético. Neste dia queremos agradecer a todos que,  (more…)

LZ Ambiental Abre Processo Seletivo

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Processo Seletivo LZ Ambiental

A LZ Ambiental está com processo seletivo aberto para 02 (duas) vagas nas áreas de meio ambiente (Analista Ambiental) e administrativo/comercial (Assistente Administrativo/Comercial). Interessados deverão encaminhar currículo para Confira os requisitos das vagas:

Dia Mundial do Meio Ambiente

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Na LZ Ambiental a nossa missão é Promover a Sustentabilidade aos clientes e à sociedade, por isso trabalhamos de modo a aliar o desenvolvimento econômico e social a preservação do ambiente. Este ano, o tema definido pela ONU para a celebração do Dia Mundial do Meio Ambiente é “Conectando as pessoas à natureza”. Então, reflita hoje em como você está conectado ao ambiente que você vive e o que você pode fazer para preservá-lo! O que você pode fazer hoje? Dia 05/06/2017 - Dia Mundial do Meio Ambiente

Dia 05/06/2017 é marcado pelo Dia Mundial do Meio Ambiente. Na LZ Ambiental a nossa missão é Promover a Sustentabilidade aos clientes e à sociedade, por isso trabalhamos de modo a aliar o desenvolvimento econômico e social a preservação do ambiente. (more…)

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